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Silver Palm This dining car was built in May, 1947 by the Budd Company for the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. The ACL was the third largest passenger railroad in the United States. This car was named "The Washington" and was used primarly on ACL's east coast runs from New York to Florida train the "Silver Palm". Although a logo was never produced for "The Silver Palm" the metal palm hanging above our front door is similar to a cardboard palm tree used on "The Silver Palm" as shown in the book ACL Passenger Service.

Silver Palm Train

Thanks to: James Porterfield for his book Dining By Rail

Monad Railway Equipment Co.

ACL Historical Society

Larry Goolsby for his book: ACL Passenger Service

Joseph Welsh for his book: Streamliner, New York to Florida

Will Holister for his book: Dinner in the Diner 80408